WDI Orientation

Tonight we had the orientation and installfest for WDI. It was really great to finally put some faces to the names I’ve been seeing on the contact sheet for the last couple of weeks. I was especially excited to see our instructors and learn more about them. We were separated into two groups and I was put into the Snakes Brigade (which makes me think of the House of Slytherin). I was a little disappointed because all the people I had already befriended were put into the Camel group, but I’m sure once I get to know everyone in my group, I’ll be just as happy. I mean one student in my group had a Totoro decal on her laptop so she’s already my new favorite person.

At the beginning of the orientation the producer, Annie, congratulated us all on getting into the program. She said that they made the admissions harder in between the last cohort and this one, and that this was the most selective they’d been so far. That definitely gave me a little boost. There are also a lot of students that aren’t from the Bay Area, including a couple Europeans, which is pretty neat.

Class starts on Monday, at long last. So far it almost hasn’t really felt real yet. Looking forward to the first day of the rest of my life. ;-)