Unfortunately most of my personal projects have been left for dead or archived. I keep hoping to get back to some of them, but in the meantime most of my work can be seen in the applications I've worked on in my day jobs.

Older Projects

Is Alameda Exploding? What is that noise?

screenshot of Alameda Exploding website

Project Details

Ruby | Sinatra | HTML5

This was a small project inspired by Is Oakland On Fire?. It provides a one-stop site for those who live on Alameda Island to quickly discover why we're hearing fireworks this time.

Arbitr Debate Round Flows

screenshot of Arbitr website

Project Details

Ruby | Rails | JavaScript | Backbone | jQuery | Jade

This was my final project for GA and is a project built for a client who has had this web app idea for a long time. It aims to help ease the process of flowing a debate round for both tournament judges and the teams participating. It was my first full-fledged project using Backbone.js and is primarily front-end work with a Rails back-end. I actively work on this and recently converted it from CoffeeScript to JavaScript because I like the latter better.

Demo Login:, foobarbaz

BikeWay Bicycle Route Safety

screenshot of Bikeway website

Project Details

Ruby | Rails | JS/jQuery | HTML5 | CSS3

This was a group project built by 4 people. It is a map-based website that helps cyclists find safer routes. It crowdsources hazards to show where construction, potholes, etc may hinder riding and also shows information about where cyclist-related accidents have taken place. Cyclists can put in their route to see just how many of these hazards are on their normal route and make adjustments. It makes use of the Google Maps API. My primary responsibility was handling most of the JavaScript in the project, but I also took part in every other aspect.

This is no longer maintained.

BestBeachNow A Quick Way to Find Beaches Nearby

screenshot of BestBeachNow website

Project Details

Ruby | Rails | JS | HTML5

This is a site to help people find the best beaches around their house for spontaneous beach trips. It very quickly shows the current weather and live traffic time for the beaches to help people make a decision faster and get out the door. It makes use of the Yelp API, Mapquest API, and Weather Underground API.