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Personal Summary

Full-stack developer with 10+ years of experience crafting clean, user-focused front-ends, and developing robust back-end code for enterprise applications. I have a proven track-record of increasing the accessibility, performance, and quality of every project.

Technical Skills

  • Web Development Languages:
  • Libraries/Frameworks I'm skilled with:
  • Databases I've worked with:
  • Testing Tools I've used:
  • Applications I'm skilled with:
  • Toolbox:
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  • Senior Software Engineer


    San Francisco, CA
    07/2019 – present

    Lead engineer for the front-end of a compensation platform

    • Work on the API for the Compaas Rewards app in Python and Django
    • Brought the front-end test coverage from 0 to 70%
    • Handle deploys to production and maintenance of Demo site
    • Mentored junior engineers on problem solving and front-end development
  • Software Engineer


    San Francisco, CA

    Working as an engineer on an application that revolutionizes work for everyday people.

    • Worked on full-stack features for internal tools to improve efficiency of all employees, reduce risk, and decrease losses
    • Did a complete overhaul of the Role based access control system for the internal tools website
    • Doubled the amount of test coverage on my team
    • Performed extensive code reviews
    • Mentored the engineering team on improving front-end accessibility
  • Senior Software Engineer


    Oakland, CA

    Worked as a senior engineer on an Enterprise application that aims to improve diversity and inclusion in large companies.

    • Performed extensive code reviews and handled deploys to production on a regular basis
    • Upgraded front-end libraries, fixed deprecations, and set up build tools to improve developer efficiency and code quality
    • Mentored the team on improving front-end performance and accessibility
    • Led the team on front-end architecture, and provided significant input on code style guidelines and documentation
    • Led the team in cross-browser testing and making the application more cross-browser compatible
    • Converted applicable tests from feature specs to view specs, drastically cutting down the overall runtime of test suite
    • Solved photo caching issues with Amazon S3 and Cloudfront CDN and developed a rake task that would rename thousands of pre-existing files. As a result users could then crop/edit their profile pictures and see immediate results.
    • Updated all the email templates to be more cross-client friendly which led to increased click-throughs
    • Architected a framework for client-side validations for use in all forms, utilizing best practices, and providing better error handling, as well as adding missing validations to server-side classes
  • Senior Software Engineer

    Coupa Software

    San Mateo, CA

    Worked on a large Rails Enterprise application developing features focused on Procurement, Invoicing, and Expenses. Some of my duties and accomplishments:

    • Performed hundreds of code reviews to help the team produce quality code
    • Improved test coverage and reduced rate of bugs merged by writing unit/integration tests for every code change
    • Developed components that would be used app-wide by 5 different teams
    • Drove multiple features to completion from concept, to technical designs, and finally shipping finished product
    • Worked on tools to increase developer productivity
    • Increased front-end performance by cleaning up the HTML, refactoring where the CSS/JS is loaded, and updating old libraries to more modern technology
    • Spoke repeatedly at the company's annual user conference on panels about what the engineers work on
  • Software Engineer

    Coupa Software

    San Mateo, CA

    I worked on both the back-end and front-end of an Enterprise Application, building features and fixing bugs like nobody's business. I also worked on internal tools to increase developer productivity. See more information above.

  • Teaching Assistant

    General Assembly

    San Francisco, CA

    Worked as a teaching assistant for a 2-Day workshop on Front-End Development and Back-End Development.

  • Office Manager/Jill of All Trades

    Viator, Inc

    San Francisco, CA

    Assisted the Marketing team with website updates, blog posting, and provided back-up graphic design.

  • Designer & Web Developer



    Handled all the graphic design and multimedia needs of my clients, administered websites in a CMS, built front-end sites, and developed and managed social media presence.

  • Project Coordinator

    DHAP Digital, Inc

    San Francisco, CA

    Assisted the Technical PM in project organization and moving projects through build and release, helped develop procedures for a more efficient workflow

  • Graphic Designer

    Shining Stars Foundation


    Designed all graphics, print pieces, and multimedia for the foundation, as well as overseeing the website.

  • Front-End Web Developer & Designer

    Atlas Productions, LLC


    Designed and built multiple websites for the company, developed their branding, designed posters, invitations, official letterhead, and business cards.


  • Computer Arts

    Thomas Nelson Community College

    Hampton, VA

    Focused on graphic design, multimedia, video editing, and other computer generated artistic endeavors.

  • Web Development Immersive

    General Assembly

    San Francisco, CA

    Worked on 3 major web projects, including a Rails app that crowdsources road hazards for bicyclists, a Backbone app that helps flow debate rounds, and a Rails app that helps find beaches nearby.